Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Stuff

Well yes Easter is what 3 days away and about 2 months ago I went craft crazy and made a bunch of time consuming cards, with a list of many more to make along with some crafty gifts. But I lost my drive and ended up not getting it all done so my today goal is to take care of that,along with a 6 hour trip to Canada to move my son home from college, so lets see if I can get it all done, they will have to award me with a cape for super woman if I can lol. So look for my crafty project and have a great Friday filled with love and happiness.

Cricut expessions #2

The pink stamper is giving away the new expressions 2 machine check it out on here blog what a great thing to win.
My Pink Stamper

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Copic marker verdict

They are great markers their was 4 of us using them and we all agree the price is so much and there are a lot of kits to choose from. I love them and will be getting some more but I will not ay the full price I dont think they are worth that, I got mine on ebay payed about a third the price and I think they are well worth that.

My new present

Havent even opened them yet just got them hope they are as great as the price says they are . At least they have to be better than the junk ones I got and tryed to use.

Is there a free link generator

I want to start some challenges and some give away's and I'm looking for a link app any place to find one I guess I don't mind paying for one if I have to as long as it is super easy to use. Thanks 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick thankyou card

My neighbor just brought some yummy goodies over and so I made this quick card to say thanks

Easter Card

Card my son made for his girlfriend

Birthday invites

My grandsons 1 year birthday invites


I cant believe it I made it to 100 followers I am going to have to do something to celebrate I just have so much going on right now my son just got out of college for summer vacation so I have to move him home from Canada. My grandson's birthday in next month, my daughter is getting married in July all that along with 3 more Birthdays in May mothers day,Easter ect. ect. So I am just going a 100 miles an hour and have hardly got anything done I want to do. SO my plans are soon to celebrate my followers and have a challenge on my blog. Please be patient with me I promise when I slow down it will all happen. But thank you so much for all my new and old followers I love going to your blogs and hope you enjoy mine, and all your kind comments just love to hear from you all . Have a great day and enjoy the start of spring .  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Digi stamps

Can anyone please tell me how to re size them to print or is there and instruction something I download them go to the file, print and they are huge. What am I doing wrong ?  Thanks for all help !

Girls helping craft

I'm always in my favorite room, so where else would the girls be some times they get a little jealous of the craft attention and some times they get more attention and the crafts dont get done . I love em

Is it just me ?

Honest I really don't want to complain, but this has been bugging me for a bit. I'm new to the blog craft world and let me tell you I love it ! I really spend so much time on it ... but here comes the problem I have ok everyone has all this blog candy, love it and they use the random org thing to pick the winner (I would do this too )totally fair, but then there are all these challenges I love a good challenge as much as the next person, I get all excited I read what they want all careful and I plan and I work and work really hard to make it my best and submit it and wait and wait and wait always checking, and don't win so its what did I not do ? I check out the competition some are really great better than mine some not so much ( I know all my opinion ) some dont even follow what the challenge is about. And then they pick the winner and sometimes I think Wow what a great idea , card , lot of time put into it and I'm glad they won then sometimes I think what the heck were they even thinking this was thrown together and dosent even follow whats going on. Oh they used random org to pick the winner, so is this really a challenge or is it just post as much stuff as you can and hope you are lucky enough to get picked. I don't know maybe its just me . But if anyone knows of good sites where the winner is picked by the work let me know Id like to enter some. Thanks

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New stamps

Well they are ok I guess it will take some time to look really good like all the ones I see. I have decided that colored pencils work better than markers.

OMG they are here !

The other night when I went stamp crazy online this is my new collection just came in the mail I am so happy and excited ... But which to do first, so many choices. These are the Kenny K  stamps and they are oh so cute (hope to have creations up soon ) and I got them at whimsy stamps, just for anyone looking I had great service and fast delivery. OK off to work on my first stamp. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting lots done

A pen container I just made, the first lesson we all learn in craft 101 is not every craft turns out the way you see it in your mind or start it out . I came home with my new markers and needed a place to put them ( I am trying to use containers I have instead of run out and buy because that really adds up, all crafters know this )  1 empty yogurt container cleaned out then I took paper and tried to wrap around  it, did not work at all, so went to my old fabric drawer (back when I was all about sewing) and found this cute fabric, glued it to the container (don't think I really used the right glue ) and ended up ok then I took the pink feathery stuff wrapped and glued to bottom, and added a few bling buttons to the top around the edge. It is by far not great and I don't think I would give it away (not that proud of it) but turned out ok for what I needed. 

W is for white and one other color challenge / B-day cards

I really liked this challenge you could use white and only one other color, last night I pulled out stuff for the yellow one I just went around my craft room and set everything yellow and white on the table and started to create and loved it so much I did the second red card today .Now I can stick them in the mail.

This isnt the greates video its my first so watch it if you want Craft Room / Michales

The Sunday Plan

Ok I have so many projects on my plate right now and back to work tomorrow after a great spring break. So I have 3 B day cards to get out one really late (bad me) and then I want to make a marker holder. (with my recycled container, trying to do more with old plastic and glass) and I want to do a mini album and a card box, I also need to take care of my stamps, and I have few challenges to enter so wish me luck in getting it all done (with a late start of 2:30) will post what I get done. Have a day filled with love in your heart.

Hunter helping grammie in the scrap room

Need help again

Well tonight I went a little CRAZY, after my weekly trip to michaels (which dosent have any good stamps, well no really cute great ones) I came home and started searching my friends blogs for some good stamps and found some I just HAD to have, needless to say a $120 later I have an order in the mail (christmas in april haha ) But now to my dilemma I have no marker once they get here to use so I need some suggestions so tomorrow I can go back to michaels use my coupon that I didnt use today (oh ya cuz it dosent start till tomorrow) and get me some markers, so help help with good markers to get. Thanks

Friday, April 8, 2011


So I have been trying to add links to my blog from other blogger site and learn how to make a blinkie, and how to do a customize background I know I'm not that computer illiterate but I just cant get it HELP anyone. Thanks   

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break

So yes its spring for me as also for many of you and when I started the week I started with a list of oh at least 100 things to do if not more, many of them having to do with crafting. But the week is coming to an end and hate to be honest but I think I have accomplished about 2 things on that list, I have had the joy of spending the week with my almost year old,walking, grandson. I have loved every min of it but alas no work done. One thing on my list was to set up my craft room and I would say at this point its about 80% done so I hope to get a video up for all you to see, also I have 3 birthday cards to get to so I hope to have them up, and a few more Easter cards to finish. I want to try and do a mini album also, so if you follow my blog lots to watch for. Thanks so much for all my new followers and have the most wonderful crafty day.