Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting lots done

A pen container I just made, the first lesson we all learn in craft 101 is not every craft turns out the way you see it in your mind or start it out . I came home with my new markers and needed a place to put them ( I am trying to use containers I have instead of run out and buy because that really adds up, all crafters know this )  1 empty yogurt container cleaned out then I took paper and tried to wrap around  it, did not work at all, so went to my old fabric drawer (back when I was all about sewing) and found this cute fabric, glued it to the container (don't think I really used the right glue ) and ended up ok then I took the pink feathery stuff wrapped and glued to bottom, and added a few bling buttons to the top around the edge. It is by far not great and I don't think I would give it away (not that proud of it) but turned out ok for what I needed. 


  1. Looks really cute for your markers :0)

  2. I love it! I especially love the pink furr!
    you did an amazing job!