Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I cant believe it I made it to 100 followers I am going to have to do something to celebrate I just have so much going on right now my son just got out of college for summer vacation so I have to move him home from Canada. My grandson's birthday in next month, my daughter is getting married in July all that along with 3 more Birthdays in May mothers day,Easter ect. ect. So I am just going a 100 miles an hour and have hardly got anything done I want to do. SO my plans are soon to celebrate my followers and have a challenge on my blog. Please be patient with me I promise when I slow down it will all happen. But thank you so much for all my new and old followers I love going to your blogs and hope you enjoy mine, and all your kind comments just love to hear from you all . Have a great day and enjoy the start of spring .  


  1. Hello, now you have 101 followers. I visit your blog and it's beautiful. Tahnk you for visit my blog.

  2. Congratulations, looking forward to seeing your challenge. Hugs lin