Sunday, March 13, 2011

So Day Two

Yesterday was a fun exciting day I have been looking at all kinds of other peoples craft blogs and thought ok I really want to have fun, be involved, and share my cards more so I spent a few hours trying to set up a blog. TA-DA and this is what I came up with. So after tons of frustration and a little work I think it turned out ok to start with.
Then I went and found a few challenges I wanted to join and spent a few hours working on my cards (then up loading them here and posting them to their blogs another challenge in its self )
Then I got to go shopping at the craft store I got tons of stuff (like always) some new paper packs I'm excited to use for spring and summer projects and finally got my big shots, been wanting that for long time . And some more storage, then all the little things glue, pop dots ect.
After all that funness  I came home and went back to my blog and got some followers ok its only a few and people I know but still not bad for my first day lol. BUT then I got a follower from the challenge I entered and she left me the BEST comment about my project I was so HAPPY it was great.
Now off to start a new day hope everyone has a great Sunday set clocks ahead an hour and keep checking back for new post from me.  

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